Tread lightly, my dear.

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browsing REI and looking up travel tips and making lists is so much more fun than homework. Too bad the countdown to leaving is approximately a year from now. 

My soul is so ready for a big adventure.

You are incredibly pretty and run a cute blog :)
by Anonymous

Thank you very much, friend!


Blogging cause I can’t really walk. And that lack of movement means lack of motivation for the rest of my body. I should get ahead on homework but I’m busy dreading the idea of making it to 4 classes tomorrow.

But I put up curtains using Christmas lights instead of a curtain rod because I don’t have the hardware screwed into the wall and going to Home Depot seems like too big of a project. And I hung some cute photos on some twine. Waiting for my postalpix to come in! My room is too bare but I don’t know how to make it full but clean looking.

Also have hand blisters and bruises from using crutches today. But I got a knee brace to use instead.


So I tried crutches. So far it seems all they’ve successfully done is put blisters on my hands and make me all sweaty. Not my cup of tea. After class I’m going to take the long journey to walgreens and maybe find a knee brace I can just wear instead. The bus official said I would qualify for students with disabilities bus service but I really don’t want it to be that big of a deal. I wouldn’t be able to handle actually breaking a leg. Oh and I’m sick from Sam at Riot Fest. All I want to do is go back to bed and ignore everything.